Brand: Sunset
Model: Remote Controlled Venetian Blinds

Our Remote Controlled Venetian Blind Systems are powered by a custom electrical motor by Johnson Electric, which is located within the jalousie mechanism. System can be operated via a remote control, a key button or a key button tag system paced on the window itself. Sunset Remote Controlled Venetian Blinds Systems are compatible with smart-home systems.

12,5mm and 16mm slats can be preferable.
Blinds need power source which is 24VDC power supply.
Every blind unit has its own electronic receiver and command with infared remote.
Total outer thickness is as a standard of 30mm with 4 mm inner and outher glasses and 22mm interspace (the interspace including the double sided butyl tapes).
5,6,8 and 10 mm float glasses and solar control (low-e), tempered, laminated glass combinations can be used inner and outer glass panes.
External mechanism dimentions : width:  cm / height : / Depth: 2 cm
Minimum width: 40 cm 
Minimum height: 35 cm
Maximum sqm: 5 m²
Remote Controlled Venetian Blinds Technical Details